Teena Hardee

Marketing Consultant

Teena has been with The Press Democrat since 1999.  Originally born and raised in West Virginia, Teena moved from Florida to Windsor with her three sons in 1999 and has been covering the Windsor territory for at least eight of those years.  Teena was the rep who initiated the Windsor co-op page almost three years ago and today there is a co-op page in the paper for almost every city in Sonoma County, along with pages for other small businesses that helps make it affordable for them to advertise.

Teena’s main focus with her clients is exceptional customer service and she works hard to drive their advertising results.  She gets referrals from her clients all the time because she treats them as much more than just a client – she treats them as a friend.  Her honest and friendly personality has won over many a client with that “West Virginia Charm” of hers.  People still comment on that wonderful accent she claims she doesn’t have anymore!

Teena has over 25 years experience in a sales/marketing environment and is not afraid of hard work.  She came from a family of eight kids and has raised her three boys pretty much on her own for the past twenty years of their lives.  She feels that this type of experience is what gives her the knowledge and determination to succeed in everything she does.  And, with two of her boys in college now, she is more motivated than ever to work hard for you so you’ll continue to trust her with your business.

To contact Teena, please call or email: